GARY BOURQUE: Chairman American Bearing Manufacturers Association (ABMA)

Gary Bourque is the Chairman of the American Bearing Manufacturers Association (ABMA). ABMA’s mission is to provide leadership, advocacy and education with a focus on membership value, industry outreach and issues impacting the global bearing industry.

ABMA began in 1917 as an informal committee to aid production of bearings during World War I. The committee consisted of Andrew Company, New Departure, Nice, Federal, Fafnir, SKF, Norma, BCA, Marlin Rockwell and Atlas Ball. In 1933, articles of association were established for Anti-Friction Bearing Manufacturers Association (AFBMA).The association is managed by the Board of Directors. Members also serve on five standing committees. A full-time staff of professionals is headquartered in Alexandria, VA, to support the Association’s activities.

ABMA membership is the only requirement for participation on a Technical Committee. Committee membership has two levels of participation: Observer and Active.

All new committee members start as an observer member. An observer member is not a voting member but may participate in committee activities. Observer members will receive notices of meetings and minutes, and only upon request will receive drafts of standards.

An active member is a representative of a member company that regularly attends meetings, accepting and performing work assigned by the chairperson. Only active members will be considered in determining a quorum and have a vote on committee activities.