LISAKAY COX: Executive Director, Idaho Manufacturing Alliance

LisaKay Cox is the Executive Director of the Idaho Manufacturing Alliance. LisaKay is a creative, courageous and pragmatic Business Leader with a passion for developing and articulating company vision, building aligned plans and driving mission achievement. She formed, expanded and motivated effective teams for multiple companies across industries. Two key facets of this success have been my customer-centric approach and strategic sales acumen.

As Vice President and Head of Marketing for LSI, She defined, activated and managed the company’s brand strategy, sales strategy and public communications. She was  an innovative thinker who excels in overcoming obstacles through creativity, collaboration and prioritization. She represented the customer and market perspective to her team and was a driving force behind the success of Dicronite®.

I believe in making work fun and have been recognized for building positive company cultures and demonstrating core values of authenticity, integrity, self-improvement and respect for others. I’ve consistently sorted through the noise, generated unique ideas, influenced alignment and delivered on goals, both in corporate and business ownership roles.

The Idaho Manufacturing Alliance was originally founded as the Southwest Idaho Manufacturers’ Alliance (SWIMA) in the fall of 2013 through efforts of local manufacturing company executives and economic development representatives recognizing the unique challenges and opportunities of manufacturing in Southwest Idaho.