ED RICHARDSON: Chairman US Magnetic Materials Association (USMMA)

Ed Richardson is the Chairman of the US Magnetic Materials Association (USMMA). TMS2013 will gather senior government officials and industry leaders from over 100 firms in North America, Europe and Asia. Mr. Richardson will discuss the necessity for a secure supply chain of high-performance magnetic materials for the unique requirements of the defense market and to develop the next generation of magnetic materials.

Washington, DC — The U.S. Magnetic Materials Association (USMMA) will provide a market and supply chain update on high-performance magnetic materials at Technology Metals Summit 2013 (TMS2013) on April 22, 2013 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

“It is a privilege to participate with so many industry and government partners at TMS 2013,” said Ed Richardson, president of the USMMA and TMS2013 presenter. “This summit is an excellent platform to discuss the impact of high-performance magnet manufacturing on the defense industrial base and long-term competitiveness.”

The mission of the United States Magnetic Materials Association is to promote secure, reliable production of the entire supply chain of rare earths and other materials used in magnet production to serve U.S. defense and energy needs.