PATE HUGULEY: Chairman Georgia Association of Manufacturers

Pate Huguley is the Chairman of the Georgia Association of Manufacturers. Pate Huguley has been working as a President at West Point Foundry and Machine for 22 years. West Point Foundry and Machine is part of the Industrial Machinery & Equipment industry, and located in Georgia, United States.

The Georgia Association of Manufacturers (GAM) is the only trade group in the state exclusively dedicated to manufacturers. Formed in 1900 by industry, for industry, we are Georgia manufacturing’s association of record, its advocate, and its voice.

Our mission is to be “visible, vocal and vital.” That means we are driven to be seen and heard advocating on the issues that matter most to our members.

From iconic corporations to emerging companies, from industrial giants to the most specialized makers, our membership employs nearly 200,000 people – roughly half of Georgia’s manufacturing workforce.

We’re more than an advocacy and policy making organization. Our role is to facilitate the 3 a.m. conversation – peer support from fellow manufacturers who have faced similar issues that keep you up at night. We’re the convenor for some of the most talented leaders in the State who play a vital and critical role in Georgia’s current economy. Our members are also building an amazing future for our State and workforce.