TOM SIMPKINS: Director, Manufacturer Nevada

Tom Simpkins is the Director of the Manufacturer Nevada. He bring over 20 years of diverse experience in manufacturing, executive leadership and business strategy to Manufacture Nevada. Throughout his career he worn many hats, participated on several boards, and led teams of all sizes. He experienced booming growth stages and economic downturns, with everything in between.

His journey isn’t just limited to one industry or product type. he dipped his toes into various pools, from manufacturing turbochargers, valves and pumps, PCBs, consumer electronics, to tools. He got a knack for international business too and value the diverse worldviews individuals can bring to a team!

I absolutely love helping small and medium-sized manufacturers reach their full potential. Whether it’s building up their workforce, optimizing their operations, or connecting them with the right resources, I’m all in.

Manufacture Nevada approaches each client as an individual business with unique circumstances and needs. We roll up our sleeves and work with owners and managers to find a path to success. Through consultation and our network of partners we deliver real and measurable results for every client we serve.