About IndustrialPR

IndustrialPR.net was founded in 2005 as a manufacturing news portal of newly launched equipment, machines, tools and technologies for industrial applications. Previously a source to publish and view the latest press releases from manufacturers, IndustrialPR partnered with a number of trade publications to syndicate articles released by the manufacturing community with emphasis on the United States. IndustrialPR has published and syndicated over 180,000 news releases, most of which are still found on Google. Today, IndustrialPR specializes in covering U.S. Trade Associations serving the manufacturing community.

Independent Journalists (freelancers) and auditors across the United States work with IndustrialPR to audit, investigate, and cover hundreds of trade group organizations in the United States serving manufacturers. Members of trade associations representing a U.S. manufacturer are welcome to request a review and/or audit of any trade association in the United States, including Chambers of Commerce and industrial trade groups serving a specific manufacturing industry or region.

IndustrialPR is owned by AMCA, developer of pro-American manufacturing standards. AMCA is the first pro-American quality certification developed to increase the global competitiveness of U.S. manufacturers and related industries. As the only alternative to ISO standards, AMCA certification is recognized internationally as the ‘Gold Standard’ of quality manufacturing in America.