File Complaint

Are you a member or former member of a U.S. trade association that done you wrong? Feel free to SUBMIT A COMPLAINT against any trade association or Chamber of Commerce serving the manufacturing community. We welcome complaints from owners and others in leadership roles of manufacturing companies., founded in 2005 as an independent group of investigative journalists has researched, audited and rated hundreds of industrial-related trade associations in the United States. As a signatory of AMCA, an internationally recognized developer of American quality manufacturing standards, IndustrialPR is well equipped to analyze the operations, value and trustworthiness of trade groups serving manufacturers. To date we have investigated over 300 trade associations for the following issues…


  • False claims of member benefits made by a trade association;
  • Unexpected fees a trade association charged to members;
  • Trade associations with poor customer service or lack of support;
  • Trade associations with incompetent leadership (CEO, President, etc);

NOTE: IndustrialPR can only investigate complaints related to trade associations serving the U.S. manufacturing community. We do NOT investigate all trade associations! Further, you must be either a member or former member of the trade group indicated in your complaint. Our goal is to resolve the matter for a mutually beneficial outcome. We do not accept complaints that discriminates against any person or group, or otherwise lacks moral character and mutual respect.

Contact us to file a Formal Complaint against any trade association serving manufacturers in which you are a current member or former member.