GLENN PLAGENS: CEO, Colorado Manufacturing Network

Glenn Plagens is the CEO of the Colorado Manufacturing Network. Glenn Plagens comes to Manufacturer’s Edge from the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) where he served as the Business Support and Rural Prosperity Director. During his time with OEDIT, Plagens worked closely with rural communities across Colorado and established the Rural Opportunity Office employing the state’s first three location-neutral employees.

Plagens has a broad background in business and government support and, prior to OEDIT, served as the Senior Director at the Front Range Community College (FRCC) North Metro Denver SBDC and the Larimer SBDC, where he managed their strategic direction, budget, and performance.

“The Colorado Manufacturing Network resides on the most robust supply chain tool in the country. Manufacturer’s Edge is proud to partner with Sustainment and other statewide organizations CAMA, EDCC and OEDIT to convene the Colorado Manufacturing Network. We are at a time of significant importance for manufacturing.”

Prior to leading the FRCC SBDC, Plagens was a successful small business owner for over 23 years, offering valuable insight to go on to work with the small business owner community. Hailing from Michigan and working in rural communities, Plagens also understands the unique needs and challenges among the rural community. This perspective plays a vital role in Plagens’ leadership and serves as an asset for the Manufacturer’s Edge team.