MIKE ROUGHTON: Executive Director, Manufacturers Association of Maine

Mike Roughton is the Executive Director of Manufacturers Association of Maine.

Mike Roughton is the executive director of the Manufacturers Association of Maine. Mike joined the Association in 2022, after leading a metal stamping business in greater NYC that supplies cosmetics manufacturers with packaging components globally.

We serve our membership by providing Business Development, Member Services, Manufacturing Career Connections (MCC) and Networking and Events. Our focus is offering members value-added services such as legislative advocacy, scholarship programs, career connections for students and job seekers and networking opportunities and events.

Manufacturing in Maine plays a vital role in the US and Globally in military and defense, aerospace, metal, paper, marine/boat building, semi-conductor, wood, textile, aquaculture, biotech, medical device, electronics, wireless communications, plastics, composites and bio-plastics, studio and food and beverage manufacturing.