KENNETH WINSTON: Chair American Filtration & Separations Society (AFS)

Kenneth Winston is the Chair of the American Filtration & Separations Society (AFS). Kenneth Winston is a veteran technical and commercial manager in Energy, Fuels, and Chemical Projects, with business development and process engineering degrees and experience.

His  career has covered three decades in four dozen countries on six continents. Specific areas of expertise include: Project Management; International Sales; Business Development; Technical Sales; Distributor Management; Technical Marketing; Process Engineering; Project Planning & Execution; Engineering Management; Field and On-site Services Manager, Product Development, Planning & Execution; Contact Negotiations, Process and Business Consulting, Technical Training, Manuals, Procedures, and SOP writing; Design of Custom/Site Specific Products or Systems at in Filtration, Separations, Purifications, around Oil & Gas Upstream, Distribution, Downstream facilities and Chemical Processing.

The American Filtration & Separations Society is the premier organization in North America dedicated to R&D, problem solutions and technology transfer in filtration and separation for the benefit of industrial processes, individual health and a clean environment.

AFS conferences and events bring together the industry leaders, presenting the exceptional opportunities to network and hear the latest information in filtration and separation technology. Over the past two years more than 300 organizations have sent representatives to AFS events. These companies understand the value of keeping employees informed with updated knowledge of filtration and separation technology.