GEORGE BUHAJ: Chairman Tooling, Manufacturing & Technologies Association (TMTA)

George Buhaj is the Chairman of theTooling, Manufacturing & Technologies Association (TMTA). George Buhaj has been working as a President at Avon Broach and Production for 41 years. Avon Broach and Production is part of the Industrial Machinery & Equipment industry, and located in Michigan, United States.

The Tooling, Manufacturing & Technologies Association (TMTA) is helping. Driven by growing resentment among small and medium-sized manufacturers over the escalating trade deficit and the unwillingness of the federal government and national trade associations to represent the interests of domestic manufacturers aggressively, the 74 year old association has become vocal.

“We’re ruffling feathers. We’re aggressively inviting people to join our association. We’re being met with resistance but we’ve got a determination that isn’t paralleled by any association that I’m aware of,” says Rob Dumont, president and CEO of the TMTA.

Benefits of Membership include a wide range of services with the most important one being the power of being able to network with other company leaders. In today’s economy, networking to grow your business is essential.