BILL MCCLISTER: Chairman WaterJet Technology Association (WJTA-IMCA)

Bill Mcclister is the Chairman of the WaterJet Technology Association (WJTA-IMCA). Bill McClister is the vice president of industrial cleaning technology for Veolia North America, where he has been employed for 36 years. Mr. McClister is a current board member and president of the WJTA-IMCA. Bill has played a significant role in the overall growth of the association, including the Conference & Expo.

Mission/Vision: I believe that I can assist the WJTA–IMCA to continue to grow its leadership role, not only in setting safety and operational standards for the waterjet cleaning and industrial vacuuming industries, but also getting those who perform these services, in a competent manner, recognized as skilled craft personnel. I will continue to increase the value that the WJTA-IMCA provides to all segments of its membership.

The WaterJet Technology Association (WJTA) members include high pressure waterjet and industrial vacuum equipment users, manufacturers, distributors, researchers, regulators, and consultants. WJTA is international in scope with corporate and individual members throughout the world.

The primary goals of WJTA are enhancing communication within the industry; facilitating cooperation between government, industry, university and research institutions; fostering foreign and domestic trade in jet cutting and cleaning products and industrial vacuum equipment and services; and studying and advancing the arts and sciences of jet cutting of industrial and geological materials, as well as industrial cleaning and vacuuming.