DAVID H. BAKER: Executive Director & General Counsel: Plastic Shipping Container Association (PSCI)

David H. Baker is the Executive Director & General Counsel of the Plastic Shipping Container Association (PSCI). He practiced safety law before U.S. and state agencies dealing with consumer products. He deal primarily with flammable, explosive, and toxic risks associated with these products. He also practice transportation law, primarily involving roads and hazardous materials.

Mr. Baker co-chairs the American Bar Association (“ABA”) Committee on Consumer Products Regulation, is Past President of the International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organization (“ICPHSO”) and is Past President of the Association of Transportation Law, Logistics and Policy.

The Plastic Shipping Container Institute is the North American organization of producers of plastic pails (rigid plastic shipping containers). The Institute’s mission is to promote the common interests of the plastic shipping container industry, including representation to local, state and federal regulatory agencies and legislative bodies, on domestic and international issues impacting customers, suppliers and consumers.

The Institute was established in 1976 and has been headquartered in Washington, D.C. since 1996. A nine-member Board of Directors meets prior to the Annual Meeting which meets at PACK EXPO in the Fall each year. The general meetings consist of a mix of industry-leading speakers and extensive committee meetings.