MOLLY ALTON MULLINS: Executive Vice President Association For Hose & Accessories Distribution (NAHAD)

Molly Alton Mullins is the Executive Vice President of the Association For Hose & Accessories Distribution (NAHAD). Molly Alton Mullins is an executive specializing in trade associations, nonprofit management, events and conventions, strategic planning, board development, communications, public relations, fundraising and partnership development.

The dedicated team at NAHAD ensures that all members have access to the information, news, resources, and tools needed to thrive in the hose and hose accessory industries. They are responsible for the Annual Conference and all other efforts that build a strong and supportive community.

NAHAD is made possible by dedicated community members who  have pledged to serve on the Board. These members provide guidance, insight, and a vision for the enhancement of the organization. The NAHAD Board members possess a wide range of background and experiences within the industry and serve as leaders and mentors to all members.

NAHAD is committed to ensuring that all hose manufacturers and distributors have the tools they ‎need to promote hose safety with their teams and end-users. NAHAD, through the Hose Safety ‎Institute (HSI) provides education and training through a series of prescribed best practices, ‎educational webinars, downloadable resources, and hands-on instruction throughout the year.‎ In recognition of these efforts and to promote the importance of hose safety essentials, NAHAD has ‎named the week of September 10–16, 2023 Hose Safety Awareness Week.