MATTHEW BRUNO: Executive Vice President National Paper Trade Association (NPTA)

Matthew Bruno is the Executive Vice President of the National Paper Trade Association (NPTA). Matthew Bruno is a Strategic business director with demonstrated skill in developing brand and product strategy through leading people and developing team culture.

NPTA was formed over dinner at Delmonico’s in New York City in December 1903 by 17 paper merchants from around the country. Founding members included companies such as the Cincinnati Cordage & Paper Co., Bradner Smith, George W. Millar, J.E. Linde Paper Co., Hubbs & Corning Co., Beecher, Peck & Lewis and W.F. McQuillen, Storrs & Bement Co.

NPTA’s mission is to actively support the success of our member firms through the delivery of valuable benefits that provide networking, education, advocacy and industry opportunities to grow your business and maintain the health of the paper distribution channel.

As an NPTA member, you’ll establish or enhance business relationships across the value chain, access proven best practices from peers at leading paper merchant and mill firms, and remain up-to-date on current economic conditions, and relevant industry trends and issues.

Exclusive access to these resources can help you identify new business opportunities, increase cost savings, enhance productivity, improve strategic planning, and recruit and maintain talent. And, while you’re using new NPTA contacts and content to drive growth at your company, your membership is also supporting the paper distribution channel and the paper industry as a whole through advocacy and education efforts.