DEIRDRE T. FLYNN: Executive Vice President North America Chinese Clean-Tech & Semiconductor Association (NACSA)

Deirdre T. Flynn is the Executive Vice President of the North America Chinese Clean-Tech & Semiconductor Association (NACSA). As executive vice president, Deirdre’s role is to ensure that the organization runs smoothly and successfully.

Founded in 1996 by a group of semiconductor professionals in the Silicon Valley, North America Chinese Clean-tech & Semiconductor Association (NACSA) is a professional organization dedicated to the advancement of exchange and collaboration among Chinese professionals in high-tech industries.

NACSA’s mission is to strengthen networking among professionals, foster the entrepreneurship among ethnic Chinese, and promote the exchange in the semiconductor and information technology industries. At NACSA, we believe in learning by doing and contributing before receiving. NACSA is committed to providing a forum for sharing information and resources.

Riding the tide of globalization, the community of Chinese engineers and entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and China has enjoyed a tremendous growth in recent years. Through event hosting, networking, and information sharing, NACSA has been instrumental in helping build a vibrant high-tech professional community serving the needs of these professionals. With over 4,000 members, NACSA is currently one of the largest and most active Chinese professional organizations in the US. NACSA members come from diverse fields in semiconductor and other high-tech related industries, including silicon chip and optical device makers, system manufactures, equipment manufacturers, design house, software, etc.