RYAN AUGSBURGER: President Ohio Manufacturers’ Association (OMA)

Ryan Augsburger is the President of the Ohio Manufacturers’ Association (OMA). Ryan Augsburger, OMA vice president and managing director of public policy services, has been named the OMA’s next president by the board of directors. The transition will take place Jan. 1, 2021, following the retirement of longtime President Eric Burkland.

Since 2004, Augsburger has led OMA’s lobbying efforts at the Statehouse and spearheaded the association’s member involvement in public affairs activities.

From advocacy at the Ohio Statehouse, to workers’ compensation services, to workforce development, to delivering the latest news and guidance, manufacturers are our only constituency. And working to ensure manufacturing competitiveness in Ohio is our only business.

Government plays a significant role in determining manufacturers’ cost of doing business. All along the manufacturing continuum – from transportation of raw materials to manufacturing design and production, to delivery of finished product – various policies, rules and regulations govern manufacturing activities and impact your costs.

Manufacturers are our only constituency. Your need to compete is our only concern. And working to ensure manufacturing competitiveness in Ohio is our only business!

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