JUSTIN ROSE: President Turbine Inlet Cooling Association (TIC)

Justin Rose is the President of the Turbine Inlet Cooling Association (TIC). Turbine inlet cooling (TIC) boosts the capacity and efficiency of combustion turbine (CT) systems during hot weather. TIC is a resilient, sustainable, fast-responding, and carbon-reducing option.

It is also compatible with the CT systems that operate in response to short notice because of the intermittent output of renewable electric power sources. The Turbine Inlet Cooling Association (TICA) promotes the development and exchange of knowledge related to all turbine inlet cooling (TIC). technologies

 As of June 2020, TICA has 74 members: 14 Suppliers of Equipment and Services; 52 Gas Turbine Plant Operators and Owners, and 8 Qualified non-profit organizations. TICA website has an extensive database of power plants around the world have been using various TIC technologies.

The Members version has more technical details compared to the non-member version. TICA website also has a TIC Performance Calculator that allows you to evaluate preliminary performance of a few TIC technologies. This calculator also has two versions: Members and Non-Members. The members version provides more technical details. TICA website also maintains an extensive library of TIC bibliography, papers presentations, news and events.