THOMAS HOLLIS: President American Measuring Tool Manufacturers Association (AMTMA)

Thomas Hollis is the President of the American Measuring Tool Manufacturers Association (AMTMA). He is a highly responsible and results-oriented supply chain director with more than 30 years of experience in the food service distribution industry. He has the ability to work across a diverse operating environment and solve common business issues, to deliver customer support and growth. Energetic, flexible, and can effectively multi-task to meet deadlines, as well as respond to changing business conditions – I understand the big picture.

The American Measuring Tool Manufacturers  Association (AMTMA) stands for serving, supporting, and educating American precision tool manufacturers and their pursuit of competitiveness in world markets.

The value I offer is my unique ability to see the “big picture” in a company and understand how its business units function and then connect the underlying objectives. Using this insight, I am able to find opportunities to reduce costs and improve service levels. These values are supported by an experienced baseline in people management, project management, collaboration and communication.

The Association was established “to promote and further the interests of its members in manufacturing, engineering,  research, safety, transportation and other problems of the industry. Problems anticipated with conversion to the metric system also prompted the formation of the new unit.”