TODD TRANUM: Executive Director, Manufacturers Association of the Southern Tier

Todd Tranum is the Executive Director of Manufacturers Association of the Southern Tier and . The Manufacturers Association of the Southern Tier has a long, distinguished, and unique history. Founded in 1900, the association was one of the first organizations of its kind and became a model for similar groups throughout the United States.

MAST takes great pride in its tradition of and commitment to industrial excellence throughout New York’s Southern Tier. MAST’s history is rooted in absolute dedication to helping area manufacturers develop, grow, and ultimately thrive.

Through collaboration with key stakeholders and hard work, MAST remains at the forefront of strengthening the area’s manufacturing foundation for generations to come. Manufacturing is the backbone of the Southern Tier’s economy, supporting thousands of jobs — and by extension, families —  in dozens of communities.

The association continues its work to facilitate communication among its members, provide opportunities for workforce development, and maintain strong working relationships with the region’s government leaders in our advocacy efforts.