JENNIFER SINSABAUGH: Chief Executive Officer, New Mexico Mep

Jennifer Sinsabaugh is the Chief Executive Officer of the New Mexico Mep. New Mexico MEP aspires to be the premier solution provider to strengthen and grow New Mexico’s manufacturing. As a statewide assistance center, New Mexico MEP is dedicated to increasing the competitiveness of the state’s small and mid sized businesses.

The Center’s experts and industry resource network help create the change that can make the difference. New Mexico MEP provides expertise in results-driven methodologies, best practices, and innovative technologies designed to increase your profitability. As a public/private partnership, New Mexico MEP brings together government, not-for-profit and industry resources to offer the comprehensive programs and services you need.

“The training and assistance provided by New Mexico M.E.P. has helped production staff feel a sense of ownership over the process and the space in which they work every day. Because of this, we have seen an increase in output and cycle time. We are able to ship the freshest possible product to our customers.”

New Mexico M.E.P. works with several resource partners to provide our services for as little cost as possible.  Please keep in mind that there are several options for companies to have these costs covered through other programs, so contact us today to see what opportunities are available for your company!