SPENCER MONACO: Executive Director, Kansas City Manufacturing Network

Spencer Monaco is the Executive Director of the Kansas City Manufacturing Network.  Kansas Manufacturing Solutions is a dedicated problem-solving resource for manufacturers in Kansas. KMS exists to help Kansas manufacturers compete and grow in the domestic and global marketplace.

 Our team works with manufacturers to determine the best solution for the results they want to achieve and then works shoulder-to-shoulder to implement the solutions. Manufacturers who have utilized MEP Centers, such as Kansas Manufacturing Solutions, have on average experienced a return on investment of 14:1.

KCMN is a coalition of manufacturers in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area guided by local manufacturing leaders.  Manufacturing members are dedicated to helping industry professionals connect, learn and grow through networking, education and sharing best practices.

KCMN is an organization for manufacturers led by manufacturers.  As a result, we focus on manufacturers learning and leading other manufacturers through networking and sharing expertise. Sharing knowledge between manufacturers can expand your business opportunities and strengthen your resources.