PATRICK MINEER: President, Minn-Dak Manufacturers Association (MDMA)

Patrick Mineer is the President of the Minn-Dak Manufacturers Association (MDMA).  Patrick is the CEO and founder of Golden Path Solutions and principal of Blue Fire Consulting, and with those two organizations has worked with many of regional and national manufacturers.

The former president, Patrick Brandt, will remain on the board and help drive the transition. A few words from Patrick:

I’m thrilled to lead the MinnDak Manufacturing Association as MinnDak continues to do what it’s done for decades, help support our regional manufacturers and contribute to a thriving ecosystem for them to grow. I have the pleasure of working across a variety of industries with my work at Golden Path and Blue Fire, and manufacturing is a particular industry that is super important to our region’s economic development.

Welcome to Minn-Dak Manufacturer’s Association (MDMA). MDMA has monthly meetings on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, typically from 12:00-1:00, where we tour a local manufacturing company and provide opportunity for members to network, learn, and collaborate on issues of mutual interest and concern.