MICHAEL EATON: Executive Director Missouri Association of Manufacturers

Michael Eaton is the Executive Director of the Missouri Association of Manufacturers. Michael Eaton comes to the Association with an extensive background in healthcare and manufacturing marketing. His experience working with manufacturers includes product design, printing, packaging, brand development and product line extension.

He has worked with major retailers in bringing products to market in the housewares and outdoor industries, as well process development design. Michael’s marketing and communication experience in the healthcare industry includes regional health systems, along with community health – working with community leaders, state and federal legislators.

Thank you to all our members and partners. Your support is vital to our mission to Promote, Preserve and Advance Missouri manufacturing. We shall always remain #MAMSTRONG!

With the Association, he has been actively engaged with the manufacturing industry, visiting and touring manufacturing operations all over the state to understand the various aspects of the operations, challenges, solutions and connecting manufacturers with the information and resources needed.