JASON MOSS: CEO Georgia Manufacturing Alliance

Jason Moss is the CEO of the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance. I’m committed to growing a more dynamic manufacturing community in Georgia. I began in 2008 when I founded NetworkingMFG with the mission of connecting, educating, and promoting manufacturing companies, engineers, and designers throughout Georgia.

In 2011 our organization re-branded as the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance (GMA), and we have grown to five chapters throughout the state, with over 350 members.

Being recognized for the second year with this honor encourages me to double down on our mission to “Support and Grow Georgia’s Manufacturing Community.” As we continue to expand our membership, we provide unique opportunities that generate profitable connections. I’m excited about my plans to help executive leaders in the manufacturing community grow personally and professionally through our Manufacturing Mastermind program.

The Georgia Manufacturing Alliance (GMA) is the most active and engaged community of industry professionals in the state. Since 2008, GMA has provided the premier platform for manufacturing leaders to form strategic alliances, share best business practices, see world-class manufacturing in action, and make profitable business connections.