JACKI DONNER: Chief Executive Officer Home Ventilation Institute (HVI)

Jacki Donner is the Chief Executive Officer of the Home Ventilation Institute (HVI). Since April 2007, Jacki has served as the CEO for the Home Ventilating Institute, an international trade association focused on performance certification of residential ventilating products.

She is responsible for all aspects of business operations such as strategy, human resources, volunteer/leadership development, finance, legal and more. She serves also as the CEO/Secretary for the Healthy Air Research and Certification Authority where her role is very similar to her HVI role.

Ms. Donner has served in a variety of staff and volunteer roles for a host of nonprofit associations during the last four decades and earned her Certified Association Executive credential in 2008.

In the mid-1950’s, a group of North American ventilation product manufacturers got together and started talking about the problem of not being able to compare models and ratings because of the lack of a good standardized testing and certification program.

As a result, they developed a program to properly rate home ventilation products. By 1960, Texas A & M University had been set up as a facility to test and record air delivery of these products. That marked the beginning of standardized testing and certification by HVI, originally chartered in 1955 in New York as the Home Ventilating Fan Institute.