DR. JULIAN NORLEY: Chairman American Carbon Society

Dr. Julian Norley is the Chairman of the American Carbon Society. Dr. Julian Norley is a Consultant in the field of Carbon and graphite materials with 37 years of experience. He was a former Vice President of Research & Development at NeoGraf Solutions & GrafTech International. Specializing in flexible graphite materials for electronics thermal management applications, also fuel cells, fire retardants, graphite electrodes, carbon/carbon composites, graphene and lithium ion anode materials. 26 US patents, over 25 publications, h-index 23, i-10 index 47.

The American Carbon Society, formerly The American Carbon Committee, was established in 1957 with the express purpose of organizing U.S. conferences on carbon.

The American Carbon Society is a non-profit organization, devoted to the promotion and advancement of knowledge regarding carbon materials and their uses.

Today, the aims and scope of the American Carbon Society are considerably more diverse than those envisioned by its founders. The Society promotes interdisciplinary research on the fundamentals and applications of carbon materials. Moreover, the Society organizes and/or sponsors the triennial International Conference on Carbon (“Carbon 20XX”), the world’s most important meeting of researchers in all areas of carbon science and technology.