AARON SMITH: Chief Operating Officer Energy & Environmental Building Alliance (EEBA)

Aaron Smith is the Chief Operating Officer of the Energy & Environmental Building Alliance (EEBA). Aaron Smith has executive experience in internal and external startups, strategy, sustainability, sales, marketing, business development, Customer service, and operations with deep experience in driving growth and building teams While changing the culture of organizations.

He was an entrepreneur at heart, he brought fresh ideas and perspectives while energizing teams and customers to grow the organization. Looking to help in an organization that leverages my skills and passion.

EEBA contributes to advancing leading edge building science knowledge and sustainable business practices in the residential construction community through education, sharing and collaboration. Codes, rating systems and homeowner expectations are changing rapidly. Healthy, resilient, zero energy and zero carbon homes are now required in some places and are now expected by consumers causing interest in sustainable design and construction to grow exponentially.

The EEBA community helps everyone that wants to build a better home by providing the education, support, and resources on leading edge building science knowledge and sustainable business practices.

For over 40 years, EEBA has provided the most trusted resources for building science information and education in the construction industry.  EEBA delivers turn-key educational resources and events designed to transform residential construction practices through high performance design, marketing, materials, and technologies.  Through our educational events, annual Summit and various publications and resources, EEBA reaches thousands of key decision makers and other important industry players each year.