JASON VELICK: Executive Director California Medical Instrumentation Association (CMIA)

Jason Velick is the Executive Director of the California Medical Instrumentation Association (CMIA). Jason Velick is a good listener and observer and find solutions for healthcare providers in order to deliver the best possible care for their patients. He is inspired by the work that is being done in healthcare and he is proud to contribute to that work with the products and services I can offer.

The California Medical Instrumentation Association is dedicated to promoting, educating, and exchanging information amongst the state’s clinical biomedical engineering community. Through monthly chapter meetings, annual awards banquets, and technical workshops, CMIA seeks to achieve professional development among BMETS, CE’s and Managers alike.

I have been an executive in the healthcare, biotechnology and equipment finance marketplaces for over 25 years. My focus has always been on the healthcare and technology sectors and I have been a top performing executive for companies including : Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, GE Healthcare, Medison (Samsung), Philips Healthcare and Siemens Healthcare. APAC North America, USA, China, SE Asia, ASEAN, AI, Machine Learning.

As the area of medical instrumentation grew, those working in the field became more conscious of a need for improved communication and contact with our peers. National organizations provide journals, newsletters and annual conventions. However, this does not fulfill the need for frequent personal contact or a guide to solving everyday problems. Such needs can only be met by a local organization. Thus, in 1972 the California Medical Instrumentation Association was founded and incorporated in 1992. The CMIA is a thriving state wide non-profit organization dedicated to serving the needs of the biomedical community and profession through eight local chapters.