DUES RATE: Executive Director Scale Manufacturers Association (SMA)

Dues Rate is the Executive Director of the Scale Manufacturers Association (SMA). The Association was established by scale industry leaders in 1945 to provide a permanent instrumentality for coordinating the efforts of many individuals in the best interest of the public; the owners and users of scales, and scale manufacturers.

The following purposes are listed in the Association’s Articles of Incorporation, to provide for collective action of members of the industry for the improvement of the industry as a whole, for the benefit not only of the industry but also of the public, to advance the science of weighing and the engineering and manufacture of instruments, apparatus, equipment, and facilities for and in connection with ways and means of weighing and force measuring .

SMA membership is made up of leading manufacturers of weighing equipment and major weighing elements used in the nation. All manufacturers, integrators, and assemblers of weighing equipment are encouraged to become members of SMA and to participate in its activities.

Since its inception, SMA has enjoyed an unusually high degree of respect and appreciation from the public, affiliated professionals, and government regulatory agencies.