TRIFON LIAKOPOULOS: President Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA)

Trifon Liakopoulos is the President of the Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA). Trifon Liakopoulos is a recognized Wafer Level Magnetics industry pioneer and an award-winning product innovator in the Power Supply on Chip industry sector. He is founder and CEO of Enachip an embedded and integrated magnetics technology platform startup company.  Prior of founding EnaChip, he was with Altera, Enpirion and Bell Labs.

Trifon co-founded Enpirion (now part of Intel) as a spinout from Bell Labs, a world leader company in power integration that successfully commercialized the world’s first Power System on Chip (PwrSoC) products for consumer and industrial markets.

Trifon serves on the Board of Directors and as the Vice President of PSMA, is member of the PwrSoC international workshop steering committee, serves as board member of other technology startup companies and served on the board of  trustees of University of Ioannina. He received his PhD degree in microfabrication engineering (MEMS) and an MS in Physics from University of Cincinnati. His accomplishments include numerous publications, conference talks and over 20 patents.

The PSMA Mission is: To integrate the resources of the power sources industry to more effectively and profitably serve the needs of the power sources users, providers and PSMA members.