PARVIN ADELI: Manager Nickel Producers Environmental Research Association (NiPERA)

Parvin Adeli is the Manager of the Nickel Producers Environmental Research Association (NiPERA). The Nickel Institute is pleased to announce that Parvin Adeli has joined the Nickel Institute to take up the role of Technical Specialist – Batteries.  In her new role she will contribute her expertise to ensure the benefits of nickel in lithium-ion batteries are well understood.

Nickel Institute is the global association of leading nickel producers. Our mission is to promote and support the use of nickel in appropriate applications. NI grows and supports markets for new and existing nickel applications including stainless steel; and promotes sound science, risk management, and socio-economic benefit as the basis for public policy and regulation.

Prior to joining the Nickel Institute, Parvin held a prestigious postdoctoral fellowship with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) where she worked on energy storage material formulation and optimization particularly on solid-state batteries (SSB) and composite electrolyte materials. She also led the NRC portion of the collaborative project ‘AI driven design and development of SSB electrolytes for consumer electronics’.

Through our science division NiPERA (, we also undertake leading edge scientific research relevant to human health and the environment. NI is the centre of excellence for information on nickel and nickel-containing materials and has offices in Asia, Europe and North America.