CHRIS CECCHETTINI: President Coated Abrasive Fabricators Association (CAFA)

Chris Cecchettini is the President of the Coated Abrasive Fabricators Association (CAFA). The Coated Abrasive Fabricators Association (CAFA) sets the standard for the coated abrasives industry delivering networking opportunities, education and technical expertise.

CAFA was established in 1980 for the express purpose of promoting, among its membership, the free exchange of ideas related to marketing, manufacturing, education and other areas of mutual interest.

CAFA encourages networking among members and the sharing of information on process improvements and other industry related information. The national Association will formulate, determine and coordinate policies of national and international importance and concern for the industry.

CAFA will continue to be a driving force in helping to pave the way for an environment that will benefit all members.

We will accomplish this by promoting and embracing education, process improvements, marketing, personnel and products. This is the CAFA mission.