ALLISON NICOLAIDIS: President Power Tool Institute, Inc (PTI)

Allison Nicolaidis is the President of the Power Tool Institute, Inc (PTI).  As a transformative senior executive, President, and Board Director, I bring a proven track record in driving innovation, developing first-to-market products, and achieving record-breaking performance at the highest levels of global business.

Combining a passion for taking on the biggest challenges and an unwavering people focus-I build and lead diverse global teams that consistently capture market share, create impactful customer experiences, and achieve what was often considered impossible.

I excel at building and turning around organizations to deliver substantial value, positioning brands at the forefront of complex and competitive global markets, and leveraging deep expertise spanning sales, marketing, and product development.

With the vision to unify and educate others about power tools, the Power Tool Institute (PTI) has established itself as the leading organization for building global understanding of power tools and for maintaining high standards of safety in the industry. Its members represent market-leading brands in the areas of portable and stationary power tools.