LYNN LANDES: President Zero Waste America (ZWA)

Lynn Landes is the President of the Zero Waste America (ZWA). Lynn is the main chef in this kitchen, but she gets help from people from all over the world who work on Zero Waste and related matters. Special thanks goes to Joe Turner of the Raymond Proffitt Foundation, Larry Ladd, Anthony Mitchell, Dr. Paul and Ellen Connett, Dr. Peter Montegue, Dr. Fred Lee, Dr. John Hirzy, Dr. Bob Carton, and Darlene Sherrell.

The U.S. has no effective federal laws or infrastructure in place to minimize waste, maximize recycling, nor protect the environment and public health.   It’s as if Detroit built cars, but the government refused to pass any traffic laws. That’s the current state of waste management in the United States, out-of-control. What happened to the Solid Waste Disposal Act of 1976?  Nothing much.

The goal of ‘Zero Waste’ depends on ordinary people like you and me to lead by example and transition to a lifestyle that protects human health and the environment, as well as lobby for ‘disposal bans‘ and other solutions that make sense.

This website is devoted to educating visitors on the state of waste management in the U.S. and what you can do about it.  Much of the information is still current, but some is dated.  So please, take the time to explore the many webpages contained within.