CLAY WEAVER: President Pacific-West Fastener Association (Pac-West)

Clay Weaver is the President of the Pacific-West Fastener Association (Pac-West). He is also a Chief Operating Officer at Industrial Threaded Products.

This industry is dynamic, diverse, and filled with some of the best people I have ever met. It has a depth and a breadth that is like no other. It’s also an industry where your value to the industry and your organization goes up with age if you apply yourself. That is why so many that find their way into it, not only find it hard to leave, they most often don’t want to.

I am inspired by my family and my co-workers. I am also inspired by the professionals I get to work with in this industry who have been so successful in their careers and have set the benchmark of success to strive for.

The Pacific-West Fastener Association was created in 2009, as a unification of the Los Angeles Fastener Association and the Western Association of Fastener Distributors.