MATTHEW MEYER: President Ductile Iron Society (DIS)

Matthew Meyer is the President of the Ductile Iron Society (DIS). The main objective of the Ductile Iron Society is to advance the technology, art, and science of ductile iron production and to disseminate all such information to the members.

Here at the Ductile Iron Society, our mission is to promote the interests of the ductile iron industry through advertising and education; by the collection and dissemination of information relative to the ductile iron foundry industry for the benefit of the public and the individual members of such society; for the development of new markets and uses for ductile iron; the establishment of standards and of research into the uses and processes of manufacture of ductile iron.

We connect you with other industry professionals through hosting Society meetings and plant tours.  We set standards in industry practice, and regularly publish research projects, that are free to our members.

By the mid-1950’s, however, several of these licensed producers of ductile iron grew concerned about the potential adverse effects the impending expiration of the International Nickel Company’s patents in 1966 might have on the industry. There was a strong belief that lack of licensing requirements would allow inexperienced and unqualified producers entry into ductile iron markets, where their poor quality products could severely damage the burgeoning industry and negate the advances made by capable producers.