FRANK MOSKOWITZ: Vice President ACompressed Air Challenge (CAC)

Frank Moskowitz is the Vice President of Compressed Air Challenge (CAC). Mr. Frank Moskowitz has an extensive background with over 37 years of experience in plant engineering. He has a degree in mechanical engineering and education, including the refrigeration, electrical, and plumbing trades.

Frank is a compressed air challenge instructor for the Fundamentals and Advanced level of training, an AIRMaster+ instructor and a Department of Energy (energy savings) expert on compressed air systems. Frank is also Vice-Chair for ASME Standard EA-4-2010 “Energy Assessment for Compressed Air Systems”; and is a member of International Standards Organization (ISO) technical committee for Air Compressors and compressed air systems energy management; TC118/SC6/WG4.

The Compressed Air Challenge is a voluntary collaboration of industrial users; manufacturers, distributors and their associations; consultants; state research and development agencies; energy efficiency organizations; and utilities. This group has one purpose in mind — helping you enjoy the benefits of improved performance of your compressed air system.

The Compressed Air Challenge has one purpose in mind, Helping you realize the benefits of improved performance of your compressed air system. Our main product is compressed air system awareness training seminars and reference materials.