ALEXANDER STODDARD: President Council of Industrial Boiler Owners (CIBO)

Alexander Stoddard is the President of the Council of Industrial Boiler Owners (CIBO). His passion is working to pinpoint public policy strategies and messaging that have an impact on business competitiveness. I have led successful coalition advocacy efforts on major public policy issues of importance to U.S. manufacturing (taxation, international trade, environment, energy, transportation, and workforce issues). This work requires a high degree of business acumen combined with an ability to craft strategic lobbying initiatives focused on legislation and regulations.

CIBO represents the interests of America’s non-utility energy products and users. It is the organization of choice for advocacy and accurate information to achieve safe and cost-effective solutions for industrial energy, technology and environmental issues.

Influencing public policy is like a marathon. It requires intensive preparation, deep commitment, and the will to keep going, even when the finish line is out of sight. In my career in government relations, I’ve pursued several “marathon” initiatives while working in 4 distinct branches.

A top CIBO priority will be to recruit new members and retain existing members. CIBO offers strong benefits to organizations to help them navigate within the complex and challenging environment of America’s industrial energy. Our new website, launched in January 2023, is designed to engage interested stakeholders and communicate relevant information. Recruiting new members brings fresh ideas and experiences into the membership experience. Enhancing the value of CIBO to all members will help assert CIBO as a key voice for industrial, commercial and industrial energy users.