NED MONROE: President & CEO Vinyl Institute (VI)

Ned Monroe is the President & CEO of Vinyl Institute (VI). Ned Monroe professional career has been devoted to protecting and advancing causes in business, politics, and the non-profit world. My passion is bringing new value to existing programs and creating new programs or opportunities that bring value.

The Vinyl Institute, founded in 1982, is a U.S. trade organization representing the leading manufacturers of vinyl, vinyl chloride monomer, and vinyl additives and modifiers. The Vinyl Institute serves as the voice for the PVC/vinyl industry, engaging industry stakeholders in shaping the future of the vinyl industry. The U.S. vinyl industry encompasses nearly 3,000 vinyl manufacturing facilities, more than 350,000 employees and an overall economic value of $54B.

I like to build high performing teams that accomplish important goals. I have a talent for collaborative approaches to drive growth and align business capabilities, competencies and culture.

By focusing solely on the U.S. PVC/vinyl industry, the VI effectively advances specific policies that foster the growth in industry, protect our economic interest and address our unique regulatory issues. Our goal is to create an environment which helps our members expand the market for vinyl resin.