CARRIE HINES: President & CEO American Small Manufacturers Coalition (ASMC)

Carrie Hines is the President & CEO of the American Small Manufacturers Coalition (ASMC) which is the trade association of the nation’s manufacturing extension agents or Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) centers and partners.  The coalition’s primary focus is helping secure federal funding for the public/private partnership of centers which help manufacturers improve productivity and increase competitiveness.

Organizations typically with fewer than 500 employees in a broad range of industry sectors – from food processors to machine shops to solid state circuitry assemblers. They are companies that need help solving a specific problem, want to implement new technologies, or hope to grow their businesses through the development or improvement of products.
The American Small Manufacturers Coalition (ASMC) is a trade association of manufacturing extension agents whom work to improve the innovation and productivity of America’s manufacturing community.

ASMC advocates for legislative and programmatic resources that allow our small manufacturing clients to better compete in the global marketplace. The Coalition and its members do this by increasing awareness of the importance of American small manufacturers, the challenges which they face, and the federal legislation and programs which affect them.

ASMC’s mission is to help small manufacturers succeed. Through the NIST MEP program and related manufacturing legislation, ASMC can achieve its mission and strive to be the single most influential force in transforming U.S. small manufacturers into high-performance global competitors, thereby assuring a more prosperous and secure America.