ANI DASGUPTA: President & CEO World Resource Institute (WRI)

Ani Dasgupta is the President & CEO of World Resource Institute (WRI). Dasgupta is a highly respected leader in sustainable cities, urban design and poverty alleviation. Originally from Delhi, India, Dasgupta has been leading WRI’s Cities program for the past seven years and previously served as a Director of Knowledge and Learning at the World Bank. Ani becomes just the 4th President in WRI’s nearly 40-year history.

WRI is a trusted partner for change. Using research-based approaches, we work globally and in focus countries to meet people’s essential needs; to protect and restore nature; and to stabilize the climate and build more resilient communities. We aim to fundamentally transform the way the world produces food, uses energy and designs its cities to create a better future for all. We work across several topics affecting people, nature and the climate.


WRI has nearly 1,800 staff located around the world. In addition to global initiatives and a coordinated regional presence in Africa and Europe, we prioritize work in 12 focus countries: Brazil, China, Colombia, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Republic of the Congo, Rwanda and the United States.

Using research-based approaches and unique coalitions, we work globally and in focus countries and regions to meet people’s essential needs, to protect and restore nature, and to stabilize the climate.

WRI aims to fundamentally transform the world’s food, land and water; energy; and cities, as well as the economic, finance and governance structures that underpin these key systems. We work across several topics to achieve systemic change globally and in focus countries.