DEBRA PHILLIPS: CEO & President, NEMANational Electrical Manufacturers Association

Debra Phillips is the President & CEO of NEMA National Electrical Manufacturers Association since September 2021.

Phillips joins NEMA from the American Petroleum Institute, where she led the Standard-setting, revenue-generating businesses and global operations division as Senior Vice President of Global Industry Services. Phillips previously served as Vice President of Sustainability at the American Chemistry Council and earlier in her career held director and engineering positions in private-sector chemical and manufacturing companies.

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association is the voice of the electroindustry representing electrical and medical imaging systems manufacturers ranging from large global businesses to cutting-edge startups. Members provide safe and reliable access to electricity, electrical devices, and ever-improving healthcare technologies and treatments.

NEMA has published nearly 1,000 electrical and medical imaging standards and technical whitepapers that cover millions of member products. Twenty new documents were published in 2021. We believe that standards play a key part in the design, production, and distribution of products destined for both national and international commerce.