Request Review

Are you a member of a trade association or Chamber of Commerce? Or maybe you are thinking about joining a trade association or Chamber? If so, feel free to contact us for a free review of the organization in which you are a member, or considering to join. We specialize in auditing, investigating and rating trade associations serving the U.S. manufacturing sector.

Trade associations play an important role in virtually any industry, particularly in manufacturing because of its knack for new technologies and its every changing marketplace that seems to change by the day. However, not all trade groups are worth your time or membership dues. Some organizations claim to offer all kinds of benefits only to be useless in many cases. Therefore, you are welcome to reach out to IndustrialPR and have us do a thorough review on the trade association you are a member of or considering to join.


  1. Research the trade association’s history and claims;
  2. Investigate any valid complaints we find online;
  3. Get feedback from a number of members or former members;
  4. Interview the CEO or President of the organization;
  5. Audit the trade association on-site or virtually online.

  6. Visit our contact page to submit a request for a confidential review of any trade association in the United States serving the manufacturing sector.