Toellner Systems, Inc. Introduces New Through Spindle Load, Extraction and Transfer Unit.

Wisconsin Rapids, WI – Toellner Systems, Inc. is proud to unveil a new product to the Toellner line by introducing an automated through spindle load, extraction and transfer unit for running Op. 10 to Op. 20 between two CNC lathes. The system is designed to have the capability to load and transfer various lengths of shafts, creating a process that requires absolutely no operator intervention. This unique system can seamlessly transfer Op. 10 machined parts from one servo driven loading/unloading system to a second for Op. 20 machining. This system allows for a smooth, fast and reliable automation process, in an otherwise complicated procedure.

Upon completion of Op. 10 machining, parts are automatically placed in queue for Op. 20 machining via a transfer unit that will move them to a second servo driven loading/unloading system. In addition, this exciting new product has the ability to orientate parts for absolute precision if required.

“Our Engineering Department has worked diligently to create a solution for customers looking to automate and simplify a normally time consuming process” stated Toellner Systems president, Dennis Toellner. “During these tough economical times, this system has shown our undying commitment to helping customers become more productive and more efficient by offering fast and accurate automation solutions at an affordable cost.”

Toellner Systems has been in operation since 1986. It is an industry leader in helping companies dramatically increase production while decreasing overhead. Toellner Systems uses servo technology, manufacturing automatic parts loaders, catchers and conveyors for CNC lathes, machining centers, grinders, shaft cut-off, multi-spindle chuckers and thread rolling.

For additional information, please contact Phone: 800-386-8701 ext. 14

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