Press Release Distribution

We Offer 3 PR Distribution Packages:

1. SILVER PR PACKAGE ($49) - Displayed for 6 months on IndustrialPR with 1 link allowed, 1 photo, and Posted on Twitter to be read by 5,000+ business journalists & bloggers that follow IndustrialPR.

2. GOLD PR PACKAGE ($95) - Displayed for 1 year on IndustrialPR with up to 3 links, 3 photos, and automatic distribution to Social Media & RSS Sites. Your news is posted on Twitter and featured for one year on, in the category of your choice.

3. PLATINUM PR PACKAGE ($249) - Our Platinum PR Package is our most popular. Your press release is Displayed For Unlimited Days on IndustrialPR, with up to 5 contextual links, 5 images, and includes Twitter feed, RSS, social media, and featured placement on our home page as well as complete media distribution with the following benefits:

* Available for syndication to 50,000+ business news sites as well as blogs and industry-focused publications;

* Guaranteed Syndication on hundreds of major news sites, publications of other media outlets;

* Your press release is e-mailed to the TOP 100+ Business Editors of U.S. newspapers nationwide;

* Featured on our Home Page for maximum exposure in front of thousands of viewers daily for one full year;

* Twitter stream to 3,000+ trade journalists, established bloggers and media professionals that follow;

* GUARANTEED full-page syndication on 30+ trusted news sites and publications selected by our staff;

* Social network visibility on social media sites such as FaceBook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Buzz, Delicious, etc.

* Submission to television stations online with Guaranteed coverage by at least 20 plus of these media outlets

* You'll receive a complete report indicating the details of distribution, submissions, backlinks, syndications, etc.

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