G-PMC Registrars Hires Nationwide Team of Quality Consultants

Daryl Guberman

Daryl Guberman

Quality Management System, along with Quality Management Certification are becoming more and more important to a company because it directly influences its incomes and therefore profit.

All firms want to produce money. That’s why they work, that why they struggle. The only way a company can be successful is by keeping its customers happy. Customers are content when their quality requirements for a product are fully satisfied. There are times when nothing seems to work, and even though the products have a good quality, your incomes are low. This is the time when you should think about hiring a specialist.

Let’s meet Daryl Guberman

You may ask yourself who is Daryl Guberman, and can he do to help your company? Daryl Guberman is the founder and president at Guberman-PMC, PLL, and a consultant regarding the Quality Management System. He is in this business for more than 30 years. He activates many fields, amongst which we can name aerospace, printing, medical industry, social responsibility, minority business etc. His company, Guberman-PMC, PLL is specialized in Quality Management Certification, and can give you expertise in various fields.

Guberman-PMC, PLL specialties

As said before, sometimes your company needs to evaluate its activity. This is why audits are so important. What it is not useful is the time and money wasted by doing this. You have to delegate some people to do the research. You have to name other people to their job etc. Most of the time, self-made audits can be a bit of a headache, let alone, you cannot rely on their objectivism. Guberman-PMC, PLL can provide you with Specialized Intern Auditing, which can be extremely useful to your company. Your employees may not interrupt work, you do not spend extra money on extra hours and you will get specialist advice in order to improve your business.

Below you may find a list with Guberman-PMC, PLL’s provided services:

Process and Management Analysis – two of the most cautious departments analyzed are Process and Management. They may not exist in this exact words, but all companies have departments that deal with this. When talking about process analysis, it is taken into consideration all processes used so that the product is made and delivered to the client. The management deals with the way processes are taking care of.

Risk Management and Data Recovery – when opening a project, you have to take into consideration the risks that your company is exposed to. Guberman-PMC, LLP can provide you with a detailed analysis in order you to offer a complete view of the risks involved. Speaking of which, data recovery is very important to a company. Young firms tend to make everything electronically adaptable. The use of paper and pen is decreasing, while TB storages are growing. Guberman-PMC, PLL provides specialist support in case of data lose.

ISO Compliance or certification – companies evolve and sometimes they need to be qualified in order to do certain activities. Guberman-PMC, PLL can help you in various ways. First they will make a evaluation of your company, in order to deter if you’re qualified or not for some certification. Afterwards they will present you a list with things that has to be done in order to be eligible for that certain certification.

Representation of your company to customers and suppliers - when you are introducing your company to new customers or suppliers you need to make a good impression. Daryl Guberman can provide you his best employees in order to make your company look good in the eyes of your customers. After an audit, they will know your company as their own so they will know what to answer when it comes down to tough questions.

Health and Safety training - there is no activity that can start without a proper Health and Safety training. You must keep in mind that an omission of one of these procedures can cost you your business. You can be charged with malpractices, endangering your employees etc. Daryl Guberman’s company can offer you adequate training in this sensitive matter.

Hazardous Storage and Materials Training – Everybody has this place, which is full with things that they no longer use, or with things stored inappropriately. This is also the case of companies. Sometimes we store things where we shouldn’t, putting other people at risk. Guberman’s specialized people can show you the things which are done wrong and can come up with ideas.

What is QMS? How can Daryl Guberman help you?

The Quality Management System is a more complex part of your business. It incorporates concepts like Quality Policy, Quality Manual, Quality Expectations. It is more like a guideline through your activity in order to obtain quality products and satisfied customers.
Daryl Guberman’s team can help you by giving a written shape of your company’s quality ideals. With the assistance of the audit, the specialists can say what is the direction you need to follow, what you must change and what you should keep.

An important part of the QMS is the feedback the customers provide after purchasing your product or service. Guberman-PMC, PLL team makes sure that they record every opinion and quantifies it so they can come up with improvement ideas. Improvement and adapting are two essential factors that keep a company alive, dynamic and loved by its clients.

As part of Guberman-PMC, PLL’s QMS implementation, they may require to test your products, observe your procedures, question your employees. Although sometimes it is hard, especially when employees are not comfortable answering serious question about their work to some strangers, these tactics are proven to be efficient.

QMS and QMC are important parts of a company’s identity. They define the product’s quality, and deter whether a company has the ability to produce or not high-standard goods. In this case it is important to call upon some specialists that can offer the best expertise. After all requirements are fulfilled, it safe to say that the company is on its way to success.

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