BARCODE- & RFID-SCANNER: Effective production through actual production data, also mobile and online

Cologne, Germany - One of the most important issues for productions companies is getting real-time production control. For those managing the production process and find a way to automatize it can achieve enormous cost-savings. The requirements of the manager would include data accuracy, but above all, real-time production data in order to ensure a smooth production process. Barcode and RFID systems would help accomplish exactly this.

The German Auto-ID system components manufacturer PANMOBIL accommodates both technologies with applicable reading systems. The industry-suited barcode scanner and RFID reader SCANNDY and smartSCANNDY make possible to obtain the necessary updated production data through an automated production process that enhances effectiveness and lowers costs. German software firm Klaes has developed specifically for windows and door construction companies the software E-Prod for effective production control to be used with PANMOBIL scanners.
Flexible production control through actual and real-time data any time and anywhere

Flexible production control – quite an agreeable notion for every production manager. Most plans fail the manager and workers in giving actual data so as to allow for flexible production changes. Is the material already in stock? And if yes, where? In what set-up is the actual production arranged? And how should all the workers obtain the necessary order information on such short-notice?

The software E-Prod developed by Klaes GmbH working as a team with the barcode scanner SCANNDY answers these questions. With this software and SCANNDY, production managers can directly from their workplaces, keep at all times an overview of the productions and know what is happening in the factory. In addition, every worker would obtain exactly the necessary order information right from the monitor screen. Because of the required transparency in the manufacturing and ordering process that results, production plans can now be flexibly changed. Time consuming printing the dispersal of the information papers would no longer be applicable. The time and cost savings and bettered customer service can be directly measured.

The standards: reliable identification and direct communication

In order for a system like E-Prod to be deployed, a complete chain of asset tracking is necessary. Therefore, the components must be supplied with a barcode. With the mobile barcode scanner SCANNDY, the barcodes can be read directly in the workplace so that the worker will immediately obtain the necessary information about the component and working order. The parts that are manufactured by the worker will be in a stock location that likewise will be captured by the SCANNDY and in the other workplaces also be displayed.

If the SCANNDY were, for example connected to a network over WLAN , the system would also be able to ascertain the storage location. The server recognizes at this junction the scanned barcode of the window product and its service shelf, determines the storage location and transfers the data onto the SCANNDY. The storage potentials can so be better used as well. For the production worker, all this is conveyed with only a “beep” from her SCANNDY. Once the barcode is scanned, all the information that is important to the worker will be directly displayed on the monitor.

User acceptance because of its simple operation

“The simple operation and the trouble-free implementation of the system is, next to being usefulness, a decisive purchase factor for our customers,” explained Günter Paul, product manager of Klaes GmbH. “Our software E-Prod works under the client-server principle. That is to say, our customers do not need to install any drivers and the data is available worldwide. The hardware must, like our software, fit our customer requirements and be as stabile and flexible. The SCANNDY fulfills these requirements: it's suited for the industry, protected against spray water, easy to handle and with flexible data transferring possibilities” continued Paul.

The barcode scanner SCANNDY can save the scanned data internally, so that for example, even in the areas without WLAN-reception, the finished window product can be attributed to the associated order shelf. The SCANNDY can be loaded with Bluetooth, USB, 433MHz or GPRS modules. Furthermore for RFID-usage there is the hybrid barcode scanner and RFID reader which reads both 1-D and 2-D barcodes and read and write in UHF, HF, and LF RFID transponder.

Conclusion: SCANNDY and E-Prod – more than the paperless factory

While the dream of a paperless factory is for many production systems still a dream, the Klaes GmbH serviced complete solution already one step closer. The solution provides management worldwide real-time data while real-time data guarantees updated production information and flexible planning. The possibilities for process optimization and the exhaustion of synergy is now becoming ever more obvious than before. The potential of E-Prod and SCANNDY is truly enormous.

Under “E-Prod” we are closer than ever before to paperless production. Every worker obtains the exact information that she needs right then, right off of the monitor. You yourself have sees the overview at all times and know what is going on in the factory – directly from your seat.

If the real manufacturing time on your time management were to be transmitted to others, you can then better recalculate your orders without any sophisticated time measuring methods. And with a connection to the capacity planning, your materials planner will always have the customer order under control.

About advanced PANMOBIL Systems GmbH & Co. KG

PANMOBIL is a leading manufacturer in the field of modular, compact mobile AutoID system components. The product range includes: Barcode Scanner (1D + 2D) and RFID (LF, HF and UHF Read/Writer) for easy operation, rugged use and low weight. PANMOBILs products, including the Panmobil Connectivity Packet (WiFi, Bluetooth, GPRS, 433MHz, USB or cable), allow data transfer to any platform without any additional cost. Visit for more information.

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